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Since 1977 Ron (MTR co-ordinator) and his wife, Pam, have conducted assemblies a very large number of schools in Queensland and New South Wales ranging from Airlie Beach in the North, Albury in the South and Birdsville in the West. For 12 years they conducted R.E. assemblies up and down the Gold Coast  an average of  42 school assemblies in 35 schools covering about 17 000 children over 3 weeks. Teachers and principals respond with comments such as, "excellent" and "brilliant"  They make superlative comments about the high attention level of the children and the high quality of management of the assembly.  If Ron and Pam are given 30 minutes, the program will consist of a 12 minute ventriloquial doll skit with "Will" pictured above and 18 minutes of chalkboard story telling.  If they are given 40 to 45 minutes (which is more desirable) the program may include catchy and "cool" songs that teach, or "Ollie", the ostrich,a life size ventriloquist puppet or an amazing trick whiteboard presentation that kids love. If they are given 40-45 minutes the extra time will also compensate for delays caused by the movement of classes to and from a venue.

Comments from Staff and RE teachers:

At the first school, two RE ladies commented on how well what Ron taught, fitted in with their R.E. lessons for this term (from creation to Easter).  At the second school, (a new one to us), an infant teacher said, “That was amazing!  What were the chalks you were using?” and an RE teachers said, “You are such an inspiration.”  At the third school, the Yr 7 children, who have attended our assemblies since they were in Yr 3, came in and sat with their feet right against the stage steps such was their keenness to listen.  They would normally sit right up the back because they were the oldest group. At the fourth school, a teacher came and spoke in glowing terms, “That was great….the kids just love it….you have a wonderful ministry…we receive a lot of very good feedback from both kids and teachers.” and so the comments continued:

From a deputy principal, “That was fantastic.”

From a music teacher, “That was another fine entertaining and educational performance.”

A male school captain of school we have visited five times, “Thank you for your excellent presentation and for all you do at our school.”

An RE teacher speaking of a minister’s son said, “I’ve never seen him so animated.  That’s a very big thank you, that one!”
A Head of Curriculum taught both assemblies at her school, how to say various levels of thank you in sign language and then led both assemblies in “standing ovations” in sign language.

An R.E. co-ordinator said, “Thank you so much for your talent.  It really goes a long way.  The children look forward so much to your program and so it is a very positive thing for the whole R.E. program.”

A Deputy Principal gave Ron a huge wrap up at the senior assembly ending in, “…great talent…..He had your attention for 45 minutes!!! (400 Yr 4 to Yr 7 children) After the infant assemble, he said to another 400 children, “Don’t you think that was awesome…..”

A senior boy, “Cool picture!”

Children, “That was fun.”

An RE teacher, “Marvellous assembly…fantastic ministry….may God bless the socks off you!!!”

Deputy Principal, “I was very impressed by your behaviour this morning and I think it was because you were captivated…. That drawing was amazing.”

RE Co-ordinator, “It was brilliant.”

RE teacher after the largest assembly with 700 children, “That was fabulous. Just think of how many people you are influencing.”