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Pictured above; Outreaches at a barbecue, a swimming pool, an historic tour, a family fun day, and a family barbecue at the end of camp.

Mission to the Riverina workers are available to help your local church by:

  • Running or facilitating creative outreach programs that tap into the cultural streams of your community that your church is already involved in, and to assist you in your efforts to reach your unchurched friends.
  • Helping your local church, or churches to build bridges to people in the community.
  • Conducting creative outreach programs to various age and people groups in a variety of different ways.
  • At barbecues or car rallies
  • At swimming pools
  • An historical tour
  • In parks or at family fun days
  • Speaking at functions such as men's dinners, mayoral dinners, service clubs, golf tournaments and ladies' coffee mornings etc. They conduct outreach meetings in people's homes, etc. These programs may vary in length from one day to two or three weeks, depending on your needs.
  • Providing programs that will help your church prepare for missions and incorporate results from the missions into the life of your local church.
  • Conducting children's one day to week-long outreach programs, school assemblies, club programs, or sunday school opening sessions involving media such as quicksketching, puppetry, drama, the famous numbers game (a game show), ventriloquism. Ron and Pam also organize and conduct holiday clubs and camps.
  • Co-ordinator Ron and his ventriloquist dummy, "Will”, have performed at functions such as men's dinners, Rotary Club, high and primary school assemblies and on a four day television program.
  • Our workers speak at and facilitate young people's outreaches. They conduct high school Scripture programs & drop-in centres for young people.
  • Preaching in your local church, speaking at Ministers meeting, retreats and church family camps

Invite our representatives to visit your church,

so they can explain this ministry in greater detail.