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About Ron and Pam Schravemade

Ron and Pam Schravemade have served since 1977 as full-time missioners with Gospel Service Ministries. (Now Tahlee Ministries) After graduating from Tahlee Bible College in 1975, Ron and Pam were called to an itinerant pastoral evangelism ministry from 1977-1991.

During ten of those years, they were involved in an itinerant caravan ministry with their children. They conducted missions to different age groups and would often stay in a place for two or three months to help train and pastor local christians and to help those who showed an interest in spiritual things to find their home in local churches.

During his ministry Ron has pastored 13 churches working with the mainstream denominations.

In the course of their ministry they have conducted many Christian Education and outreach training seminars and have been involved in providing “hands on training”.

In 1991 Ron and Pam became Deans of Students at Tahlee Bible College. Ron served on the faculty lecturing in Evangelism and Christian living. He conducted week long, “hands-on” Christian Education training seminars called TIC TOC.

As part of this outreach ministry he led teams of students and staff in conducting inter churches missions to towns and suburbs. In 1993 Ron took over from Godfrey Theobald (the founding director) as General Director of Gospel Service Ministries and as an ex-officio member of the College Council.