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Ron teaching leaders chalk drawings
Ron teaching puppets

Comments made on evaluation sheets after leaders training seminars: 

  • Thank you! - The best seminar I have been to! I could use something from every session. - I loved the puppetry.

  • Well worth advertising! Inspiring! Motivating!

  • I would recommend this seminar to anyone involved in school scripture, sunday school or any other form of children's ministry because it not only teaches new techniques but affirms us in what we are doing right.

  • This course has given me confidence to try different ways of bringing across God's word. - Ron made me feel like superman, "Anything is possible".

  • Ron's enthusiasm for teaching the gospel to young people is contagious. Very encouraging! A most encouraging and helpful couple of days. Useful for anyone involved in children's ministry.

  • The Training Day with Ron and Pam Schravemade was an excellent, informative and refreshing day. Everyone left with renewed enthusiasm, itching to try out the bagful of new ideas they learnt. It was jam packed with helpful advice on discipline, meaningful and fun ways to present Christian Education as well as using drama, puppetry and story telling to make classes exciting and fresh. It was a privilege to listen to Ron as he not only explained methods but allowed us to try it out for ourselves. Ron was very encouraging and gave us the confidence and tools to try different ways of bringing God's word to our children.
  • Very up to date - Fresh ideas for lessons.

  • What a wonderful inspirational time on Saturday - for those who couldn't make it you missed a treat!